The Farm & Sanctuary

Nettle Meadow Farm is currently home to well over 100 sanctuary animals.  These creatures are a combination of older or differently abled sheep and goats from Nettle Meadow’s production herd and farm animals such as llamas, horses, donkeys, chicken, ducks, turkeys, pigs, cats and bunnies who have been dropped off or picked up when they had no place else to go. Our herd of working goats and currently reside closer to Amsterdam where there are 100s of acres of pasture and multiple large barns for a happy grass fed production life.  Many of those critters return to the farm in retirement and many of the youngsters are still raised at nettle Meadow and then head to Amsterdam to become milkers during their production life.  At Nettle Meadow the sanctuary animals are housed in six large barns and  a few outbuildings including a newly newly restored barn built in 1903 and restored in 2013.

The sheep and goats’ diet includes a variety of natural ingredients including hay, grains and wild herbs, raspberry leaf, garlic, and kelp for balanced nutrition.


The Kemp Animal Sanctuary

Nettle Meadow’s Sanctuary often includes several male and female kids each Spring who are available for adoption as pets and brush goats along with countless cats and kittens that are left here each year.   If you come for one of our noon tours on Saturdays you will meet some of the youngsters as well as so many spirited farm critters and learn their stories and learn a little about their amazing personalities.  You are also welcome to take one of our self-guided socially distanced tours any day from 10am to 4pm.  Please visit our sanctuary website at for more information and to see how you can help us provide for the many sanctuary critters all year long.

We offer freshly bagged manure for purchase at the farm as well as at our new retail location, located in Lake Luzerne.

We are always accepting donations.  Our PayPal account is always open, but currently we are in search of:



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Our cheese shop is open daily from 10am to 4pm for cheese sales and we often feature cheese tastings during business hours in good weather. Come visit the cozy cheese shop and find out more about the farm, our history and our cheese.

Tours of the farm are given at 12 noon on Saturdays and self-guided farm tours are available every day from 10am to 4pm.

Tours of the cheese facility are not available at this time so that we can maintain a careful environment of humidity, temperature and cleanliness for our cheese making. We welcome all visitors with a love of animals and cheese.

Nettle Meadow welcomes larger groups and tour buses as well. For details and to make a reservation for your larger group please contact us at [email protected].


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Visitors with a love of animals and cheese are always welcome.

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