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The Kemp Animal Sanctuary

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The Kemp Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and is currently home to well over 130 sanctuary animals.  These creatures are a combination of older or differently-abled sheep and goats from Nettle Meadow’s production herd and farm animals such as llamas, horses, donkeys, chicken, ducks, turkeys, pigs, cats, bunnies, peacocks, and more!


We have taken in countless cows, horses, goats, donkeys, fowl, llamas, sheep, mini pigs and assorted other domestic critters that have had to leave their homes for a variety of unfortunate reasons in the last few years, especially since the onset of COVID-19, and our herd group of rehomed critters has grown and grown! For example, in 2020, we took in 12 kids with nowhere else to go at a moments notice, when a farm down the road had to immediately close.

Our herd of working goats and sheep currently reside closer to Amsterdam where there are 100s of acres of pasture and multiple large barns for a happy grass fed production life.  Many of those critters return to our farm in retirement, after being raised here as well.


As a non-profit, the Kemp Animal Sanctuary runs exclusively off of donations from people like you. Please consider donating to us today at the button above.

It costs so much money to keep these sanctuary animals going each year and we could not do it without your help. All donations are tax deductible and every donation goes 100% to feed our animals. In 2022, it cost over $800/week for basic feed plus medications and supplements. Additionally, the staff that helps to keep our animals clean, fed, watered and healthy costs even more every week.

You can also become a Kemp Member, which gives you:

Access to Members Only farm tours

10% discount on Nettle Meadow Cheese at the Farm Store or Hitching Post Shop 


Our Membership pricing is:

$40/one membership 

$75/two memberships

$100/Family Membership

$500/Business Membership

$1,000/Angel Membership

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