Happy Critters. Great Cheese!

Nettle Meadow Farm is a goat and sheep dairy and cheese company in Thurman, New York just below Crane Mountain in the Adirondacks between Gore Mountain/North Creek and Warrensburg. It is owned and operated by Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan. Both have a great love of animals, artisan cheese and the unique challenges of farm life. Nettle Meadow Farm was originally founded in 1990 and is the home of hundreds of happy goats, sheep and a variety of farm sanctuary animals. Visit our Farm & Sanctuary page to learn more.




Nettle Meadow is committed to the principles of natural ingredients, happy and healthy animals, and carefully hand-crafted artisan cheeses. We make several varieties of soft goat cheeses and are well known for our semi-aged cheeses, including our award winning triple crème, Kunik, made from goat milk and Jersey cow cream, Nettle Peaks and Crane Mountain made from 100% goat milk. Our sheep milk cheeses include our award winning Three Sisters made from sheep, goat and cow milk, Simply Sheep, made from all sheep’s milk, and Penny’s Pride, a hard mold ripened sheep and cow milk combination.  We offer a wide selection of chevres and fromage blancs and have a number of new exciting cheeses, including our new washed rind line and our mixed milk Fromage Frais blended cheeses.  Visit our Cheeses page for more information.

Thank you for taking a look and please contact us if you have any questions about the farm, sanctuary, our cheeses, or for directions. The farm is normally open daily from 10am to 4pm for cheese sales. Find out about our tours—visitors with a love of animals and cheese are always welcome.

Have you seen our farm animal labels on the bottom of our cups?

We think its important for our customers to know a little more about the beings that help to make our cheese what it is. Now meet the creatures behind the labels:



Doedeen is named after her grandmother, Doe Doe, who somehow always reminded us a little bit of a Doe Doe bird. When Doedeen was born her coloring and personality were the spitting image of her grandmother and so she became “Doedeen.” Now she is a two year old who always finds a way to get back into the dairy parlor during milking over and over again for another feeding of grain. She is a free spirit who loves to lay in the sun with her friends, much like her grandmother…



Harrison is our “Big Man On Campus.” He came to us as just a ram lamb from our friends at Dancing Ewe and we bottle raised him into a great gentleman, and a very popular ram with the ladies. Harrison is almost three years old now but he still loves having his nose petted and will even give you a kiss. He’s a very sweet boy for a ram.



Nuts lives up to her name. She is always in high spirits rushing around the pasture and is known for her funny faces. She is always so happy it rubs off on everyone around her. She is also very compassionate. When her sister was injured she stayed with her in a stall for weeks and weeks and never complained about the confinement. Nuts has a warm place in everyone’s heart at Nettle Meadow.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a yearling goat raised to become part of our sanctuary. Her birth was very difficult and she has a hip problem that stems back to that. She fought so hard to be in this world, its only fitting we raise her to have a happy tranquil life with our sanctuary animals. She has a wonderful disposition and when she moves to the main farm this summer she will be a very sweet ambassador for visitors.



Mae is a wonderfully sweet and mellow sheep who has been a dominant producer in our sheep herd for many years. Last year she went through a bit of a health scare but she bounced right back so quickly and this year she is back at work and has produced two more beautiful lambs. Mae is a beautiful example of the many working girls it takes to make Nettle Meadow such a success.



Scarlet is a boer cross who is as cute as a button — but don’t let her fool you. Her middle name should be Trouble. If a gate is open, she is the leader of the pack that is escaping. If there’s a hole in the fence, she is the first to find it. She can be very mischievous, but will still give you a hug if you ask her nicely enough.



Foonzie is the kind of rescue creature that makes Nettle Meadow special. Foonzie was born to one of our guard llamas, and when we found him, there wasn’t much life left in him. He was rushed to a local vet for special care and was raised in a warm garage with his mother and grandmother until he could go out to the pasture. Later we realized he was a little special and now he has a pen and outdoor area just for him because he’s a little too aggressive for his own good. But everyone loves him and his crazy expressions.


We hope that you will visit us soon!




We are so Proud!
We did it again! Nettle Meadow brought home First, Second, and Fourth Place finishes in the mixed milk bloomy rind category at the 2017 U.S. Cheese Championships. Briar Summit came in first place. Sappy Ewe came in second and Three Sisters rounded out the group with a Fourth Place finish. Habanero Peach Fromage Frais also placed Fourth in th fresh mixed milk category. These wins came on the heels of two Gold Medal Winners at the World Cheese Championship in Wisconsin last year where Kunik won a gold medal for mixed milk bloomy rinds and Apple Cider Fromage Frais won a gold medal for mixed milk spreadable cheeses. Apple Cider Fromage Frais won a Second Place ribbon at the ACS Competion last summer as well and to top off the year, both our Kunik and our new washed rind, Peppered Ewe, won gold medals at the New York State Fair this year. Stop by the farm or your favorite local cheese counter to sample all of our most recent winners.

Check back Often to find out about our new events for 2019 to benefit our Kemp Animal Sanctuary at Nettle Meadow:

Including Goat Cheese Ice Cream Socials

Please visit our Special Events page for more details.

Thurman Fall Farm Tour

Hosted in our renovated Old Barn loft with live music, great food, cheese samples, kids activities and local artisans

Lots of fun rain or shine

www.Thurman Fall FarmTour.com