Nettle Meadow Mini 4 Piece Semi-Aged Collection




The Mini four piece Semi-aged collection offers some of the high notes of Nettle Meadow’s cheesemaking capabilities in a mini size.  It includes Kunik, winner of the American Cheese Society’s blue ribbon for triple cremes, a Good Food Awards winner in 2018 and 2020, and a World Cheese Championship Gold Medal.  Kunik is best described as an airy silken buttery brie with a goat kick.

The selection also includes the Silver Sofi winner, Amber Kunik which is the funky unctious cousin of the bloomy kunik, washed in Adirondack Bourbon and Ale until it reaches its funky peak.

The collection is rounded out by the Sappy Ewe and Simply Sheep which have also received their own share of awards at the ACS competition, the U.S. Cheese Championships, and the World Cheese Championships.  Sappy ewe is another mixed milk cheese of equal parts sheep and cow with a little extra cow cream and infused with a maple reduction for a golden color and a touch of sweetness to soften the sheep milk’s tang.  All this is finished with a light vegetable ash after the wheel has completed blooming.  Simply sheep is exactly what it sounds like – a wheel of pure sheep’s milk goodness made with a thistle rennet.

The mini collection includes a 3 ounce wheel of the kunik, amber kunik, and simply sheep, called a “mini”, and half of a sappy ewe, sliced through the middle to reveal that golden yellow interior.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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