Adirondack Collection




In this basket we have a wonderful array of cheeses and accoutrements.  Our classic Kunik, which has goats milk and cow’s creme, is featured, alongside our double creme Briar Summit which includes an infusion of raspberry leaf tea, lending a subtle earthiness to the pyramid.  Sappy Ewe curds are soaked in local Adirondack maple, and after the cheese ages our cheesemakers pat the exterior in a vegetable ash.  The fresh cheese we have included here is a Fig and Honey Fromage Frais and it all pairs perfectly with crunchy Z Crackers.

Every cheeseboard needs chocolate – we have included Barkeater Chocolates in this basket.  Did you know “Adirondack” translates to bark eater?

Enjoy this box today!

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Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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