Gift Baskets

We have pre-made collections at varying price ranges filled with a variety of differing products to match your needs.  We also are happy to fulfill any custom orders!  Additional options for customization include sending the gift collections in beautifully handmade Shaker baskets from a local maker up north for an added price of $30-55 depending on the basket size.  If you elect to not purchase the additional box, our classic “Every Choice Matters” box will be used.  Shipping is not included in these prices, and will be added in checkout.

Check out our pre-made collections below, and then head over to our store (online or in person at our Lake Luzerne location) to complete the purchase!  Happy shopping!

“The Classic”


In this basket, we have our award-winning Kunik button, a beautiful Blake Hill preserve/jam, and a local chocolate Turtle from Barkeater chocolates.  This is great for customers who want a taste of northeastern products without a hefty price tag.


“Sweet Tooth’s Delight”




Here we have everything that someone with a hankering for a sugar rush will adore.  Featuring our Maple Chèvre and Sappy Ewe, recipients will enjoy local maple flavor in cheese form.  Additionally, Toad Hill maple products make an appearance with delicious candied nuts and syrup.  Don’t forget the bar of maple chocolate and Kunik Mini!



“Triple Creme Overload”


Find all things decadent in this basket.  Regional Jan’s Farmhouse crisps create a sturdy and delicious base for carrying the four types of triple creme artisan cheese featured in this box! Adironjack, which has local apple jack brandy, Hopee’s Blend, Sugar Loaf is pure Jersey cow milk, and our goat and cow creme, award-winning Kunik.  This basket is perfect for those who want to enjoy richness and silky texture.


“The Adirondack Adventure”


Taste all things local to the upstate Adirondack region of New York.  Our creamery and farm is located in Thurman, just west of Lake George.  Featuring delicious cheeses named after local mountains and the area, this basket is sure to take you on a scenic journey.  Crane Mountain sits on the same road as our farm, Briar Summit is named after the plethora of briars found on our farm when it was purchased, and Three Sisters is a local range.  Adironjack is obviously named after the area! Enjoy preserved local produce, local fruit preserves, with a top of local honey.


“The Total Package”



No corners were cut in the making of this box. Our best-sellers are included, making this basket simply unmissable.  Both our classic Kunik and our Amber Kunik are included, and they are both award winners. Crispy crackers, balsamic vinegar that will elevate any dish, Toad Hill maple from down the road, olive oil, chocolates and olives make this box ready to be the best cheese board out there.


“The Un-Baa-Lievable Basket”


This superb basket is unreal…simply un-BAAA-lievable!  Full of cheese that primarily features sheep milk, it will be sure to delight cheese lovers with every taste profile.  The basket includes fresh sheep cheese that is spreadable, akin to a chèvre or Fromage Frais (but with only sheep milk!).  Similarly, Simply Sheep makes an appearance, which is a multi-award winner for it’s delicious, decadent flavor that continues to elevate with age. Sappy Ewe’s curds are soaked in maple before being poured into the molds and then dusted with a vegetable black ash, resulting in a complex cheese that highlights the regional maple taste.  Peppered Ewe is a washed-rind cheese with cracked black peppercorns sprinkled throughout, and Hopie’s Blend is infused with an orange liquor as it pasteurizes.

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“Mother’s Day Basket”






Celebrate all the women in your life this year with our new Mother’s Day basket! We know that a mother figure can be anyone…a neighbor, a friend, a grandmother, a mentor, the list goes on.  We’ve created a curated box that will show whoever SHE is that she is beloved to you!

Enjoy our award-winning, decadent triple creme Kunik and our sweet and floral Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc.  Crackers, a tangy and bright Meyer Lemon jam, candy, and all natural, local soap round out the rest of the basket.  A local artisan jeweler has hand-crafted silver heart pendants that will also be included with each package.  Treat the mother in your life and give her the gift of delicious cheese and accoutrements this May.

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