Gift Baskets

We have pre-made collections at varying price ranges filled with a variety of differing products to match your needs.

Check out our pre-made collections below, and then head over to our store (online or in person at our Lake Luzerne location) to complete the purchase!  Happy shopping!


The Classics


Enjoy your favorite Nettle Meadow classics in this wonderful basket! Featuring Kunik, our most highly awarded goat’s milk with cow creme (triple creme), Sugar Loaf, a delightfully creamy cheese with milk from Jersey Cows, and Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc – a sweet, spreadable cheese with lavender tea and local honey.

Adirondack Collection


In this basket we have a wonderful array of cheeses and accoutrements.  Our classic Kunik, which has goats milk and cow’s creme, is featured, alongside our double creme Briar Summit which includes an infusion of raspberry leaf tea, lending a subtle earthiness to the pyramid.  Sappy Ewe curds are soaked in local Adirondack maple, and after the cheese ages our cheesemakers pat the exterior in a vegetable ash.  The fresh cheese we have included here is a Fig and Honey Fromage Frais and it all pairs perfectly with crunchy Z Crackers.

Every cheeseboard needs chocolate – we have included Barkeater Chocolates in this basket.  Did you know “Adirondack” translates to bark eater?

Timeless Favorites


We have pulled out all the stops for this basket and we are so excited for you to try it this season.  Including old and new favorites, this “Timeless Favorites” collection includes all the cheeses you know you love, and some new ones to try we promise you will too.  Our eternally loved Kunik sits alongside another triple creme Sugar Loaf, yet the goat’s milk in Kunik is a wonderful contrast to the Jersey cow milk in Sugar Loaf. Sappy Ewe curds are soaked in Adirondack maple, make the final product delightfully sweet yet still understated – a striking addition to any cheese board as it’s rind is coated in a vegetable black ash. Additionally, we have included No.26, which is a cow’s milk washed rind cheese that is aged many months and washed in local hard cider. Cranberry Fromage Frais is seasonally wonderful, and the tanginess pairs perfectly with the creamy base.  Our newest cheese, Stinky Ewe, was created in collaboration with Truffleist in NYC, and the hard cheese is flecked with delicious truffle bits and oil.

Paired here also are our favorite Z Crackers and Toad Hill nuts.  We absolutely cannot wait for you to enjoy this basket as much as we do.  Make sure to get it this season!


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