Excellent Award-Winning Cheeses
from Goat, Sheep and Cow Milk

Nettle Meadow Farm is truly committed to the artisanal nature of each of our cheeses, the use of natural and organic ingredients and the well-being of all our animals.

Semi-Aged Cheeses


Kunik is our triple crème wheel made from goat’s milk and cow cream. It has a white rind and a tangy buttery flavor. Delicious on its own or with fruit and crackers. A wonderful addition to any cheese plate. Larger wheels vary in size from 11 to 16 ounces. “Buttons” are also available and are smaller in size ranging from 7 to 12 ounces.  “Minis” are now available in an easy 3.5 ounce format for grab and go convenience.

Awards: American Cheese Society (2010 Triple Crème Blue Ribbon), U.S. Cheese Championship (2019 Second Place) and World Cheese Championship (2016 Gold Medal), Good Food Award (2019) and the New York International Cheese Competition (2021 Silver Medal).


Amber Kunik with Amber Ale

Amber Kunik

KUNIK has been a nationally acclaimed goat’s milk and cow cream triple crème for many years now and many did not think it could get much better. But, then we introduced AMBER KUNIK! The triple crème you know and love washed in Adirondack Beer and Adirondack Whiskey. This is a funky twist on our beloved triple crème resulting in a denser velvety textured washed rind with just a hint of spirits and balanced with plenty of funk.   (Photo Courtesy of Pattie Garrett)

Award: Sofi for Non-Cow Cheeses (2019 Silver)

Truffle Kunik

This is our classic, best-selling and award-winning goat’s milk with cow cream triple creme cheese, with a fragrant and powerful truffle line.  We paired with Truffleist from New York City to create this cheese.  The truffle bits and oil infuse throughout the entire cheese, making each bite creamier than the last as the cream from the cheese and oil combine.  This is a can’t miss cheese.  Sold in our button format.


This triple creme all cow’s milk cheese is one of our creamiest.  The unctuous creme line is complimented by a local apple jack brandy.  Floral apple notes bring out the natural grassy flavors of our Jersey cow milk, while the creaminess developed in our aging process is picked up by the alcohol in the brandy.

Awards: New York International Cheese Competition (2019 Silver Medal)

Three Sisters

Three Sisters is made from a combination of sheep, goat and cow milks.  Three Sisters has a complex flavor, firm texture and bloomy rind, and comes in a manageable 6 to 8 ounce crotin dimension.

Awards: American Cheese Society’s Mixed Milk Open Category (2012 Winner) and U.S. Cheese Championships (2017 4th Place).

Nettle Peaks

Nettle Peaks is an amazing mold ripened, black ash drizzled, 100% goat’s milk pyramid with an infusion of nettle tea. Nettle Peaks pyramids are approximately 8 to 11 ounces each.

Simply Sheep

Simply sheep is a semi-aged 100% sheep milk wheel.  Cultured differently from many of our other bloomy rinds, it hints of buttery smooth undertones in its youth and grows more robust in flavor as it ages.  7 to 9 ounce wheels that accentuate the fresh clean flavors of our milk.

Awards: U.S. Cheese Championship (2019 Second Place) and World Cheese Championship (2018 Third Place) and New York International Cheese Competition (2019 Silver Medal)

Crane Mountain

Crane Mountain is a simple square block of semi-aged goat’s milk cheese with no additions or adulterations.  Covered in a white bloomy rind, it has a dynamic development from it’s feta-like youth through it’s stronger flavor development as it grows older.  Crane Mountain becomes wonderfully pungent with maturity. Crane Mountain is excellent at every stage up to four months from when it is initially cellared. Sizes vary from 8 ounces to 12 ounces.

Briar Summit

Briar Summit is a creamy little pyramid of three milk goodness produced from a combination of goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk and cow cream infused with a raspberry leaf tea and finished with a bloomy rind.

Awards: U.S. Cheese Championships (2017 First place, Mixed Milk Bloomy Rind Cheeses), American Cheese Society (2018 Second Place) and World Cheese Championship (2018 Third Place Winner).

Partridge Mountain

A washed rind cow’s milk cheese infused with Juniper and Sage. Sold 6 to a case, approximately 10 ounces each.

Sappy Ewe

We coat sheep and cow curds with an Adirondack maple reduction and then form the curd in a crotin size mold.  We let them age to bloomy rind perfection in our aging cave and then pat them with edible pine black ash for both a dramatic finish and ripening effect.  This cheese is a true symphony of traditional Adirondack flavors.

Awards: U.S. Cheese Championships (2019 First Place), American Cheese Society (2018, Second Place for Mixed Milk Cheeses).

Thunder Nest

A flavorful bloomy cow’s milk block of cheese infused with Caraway and Sumac. Sold 6 to a case, approximately 9 ounces each.

Prospect Mountain

This delightful cow’s milk cheese is dusted with herbs and flowers that you would find on the side of any Adirondack mountain.  The fudge center is complimented by the natural flavor and aroma of the flora patted into the rind.

Potash Mountain

This tangy pyramid made of goat and cows milk compliments any cheese board with its height and unique flavor.  The rind is dusted with our iconic vegetable black ash before it ages.  The bloomy rind grows on top of the ash, creating a delightful, multi-dimensional layer when cut into.

Chevres, Fromage Blancs, and all new Fromage Frais


Nettle Meadow offers a variety of hand-packed chevres in a variety of sweet and savory flavors: Lightly Salted Chevre, Herbs Black Pepper and Garlic (with rosemary infusion, garlic, pepper, basil, sage & sea salt), Mixed Herb (with basil, lavender, rosemary, chives, thyme & sea salt), Garlic & Olive Oil, Horseradish, Maple, and Pumpkin Spice. Each of these chevres are available in five ounce cups, or in bulk packaging of one pound and ten pound tubs. All natural ingredients.

In a collaboration with Blake Hill Preserves in Vermont, we have developed a unique four cheese collection.  Please enjoy the following flavors: Caramelized Onion, Lemon Cardamom, Dandelion Rhubarb and Fresh Tomato.

Fromage Blanc

Nettle Meadow  offers hand-packed unsalted goat milk Fromage Blanc in the following flavors: Plain Fromage Blanc, Fromage Blanc with Rosemary Infusion, and Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc. Each are available in 5 ounce cups or in one pound or ten pound bulk packaging.

Awards: Sofi (Silver, Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc)

Fromage Frais

Nettle Meadow’s newest artisan hand-packed cheese option is a mixed milk cheese made from goat and cow’s milk.  Fromage Frais is available in Roasted Red Pepper, Truffle, Fig & Honey, Apple Cider Syrup, and Cranberry Orange, Habanero Peach, Pineapple Cilantro, and Egg Nog. Each are available in 5 ounce cups and one and ten pound bulk packaging.

Nettle Meadow’s Washed Rind Cheeses

Pasco's Ration

Pasco’s Ration

An earthy tomme created from pasteurized goat milk infused with rye whiskey and rubbed with sage and sea salt, then washed with rye to create a coppery rind. Pasco is a flavorful combination of subtle rye and herb flavors coupled with the earthy elements of our subterranean cheese cave.

No. 26

A firm tomme of cow’s milk cheese washed with hard apple cider and aged to perfection.

Peppered Ewe

A sheep and cow’s milk tomme with cracked tellicherry pepper washed in Adirondack Brewery’s Fat Scotsman Ale.

Awards: New York State Fair (2016, Gold Medal)

Cheesemaker’s Folly

A cow’s milk tomme infused with irish whiskey and washed repeatedly in whiskey and stout giving it a smooth soft texture and a coppery rind.

Stinky Ewe

Our newest tomme, this all sheep’s milk cheese has truffle bits incorporated throughout the inside.  It is a great, sliceable cheese that maintains creaminess without any crumble.  The sheep milk provides a wonderfully dreamy canvas for the truffle to shine.

Mini Sampler

Mini Collection

In a rush or need a quick snack? Grab one of our award-winning mini cheeses for a small delight!  We have our Kunik Mini, Simply Sheep Mini, and our Amber Mini available in the mini format.

Ask us about our New Cultured Butter

Slow churned in the European style, available in lightly salted and Adirondack Maple – coming soon to a store near you…

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