Nettle Meadow Farm

The Farm
Farm Collage

Nettle Meadow Goat Farm is currently the home of more than 300 goats, and several dozen sheep. We are also home to several guard llamas and friendly chickens and ducks. Over 100 goats are milking at any one time and there are goats of all ages living on the farm. We have several juvenile and adolescent goats as well as a number of geriatric goats enjoying their retirement. The goats and other animals are housed in four large barns and four out buildings including a brand new barn and an historic barn built in 1903. Our llamas keep an eye on our many goats morning, noon and night. The farm's cats and dogs pitch in however they can to add levity and chase away any unwanted critters. The farm also has several kittens looking for good homes at any given time of the year.

The sheep and goats' diet includes a variety of natural ingredients including organic hay, grains and wild herbs, raspberry leaf, garlic, and kelp for balanced nutrition.

The Sanctuary
Sanctuary Animals

Nettle Meadow's Sanctuary is also home to a number of retired and rescued farm animals which includes several young male goats looking for good homes as pets or brush goats; and male and female young kids go free to good homes as pets and brush goats at certain times of the year. Our rescue sanctuary includes a variety of farm animals including fowl, horses, older goats, and other assorted barnyard friends. Please contact us by phone or email for more information.

Tours and Hours

Kids and LambsThe farm is normally open Thursday through Monday from 11am to 3pm for cheese sales. Tours are given at 12 noon on Saturdays only. Tours of the cheese facility are not available at this time so that we can maintain a careful environment of humidity, temperature and cleanliness for our cheese making. We welcome all visitors with a love of animals and cheese. Larger groups should visit for more information on group tours. Click here for directions.